Beijing Xinkaiyuan Pharmaceuticals is a national high-tech enterprise of chemical small molecule medicine which is driven by research and development. The company is dedicated to the research and development of high-quality generic drugs, biological products, innovative drugs, therapeutic antibody and traditional Chinese medicines.

Through efficient and standardized R&D management, our company provides customers with a package of solutions from product approval, technical services, industrial upgrading, academic promotion, registration to approval, and also provides individualized solutions to our clients.

At present, the company has more than 400 R&D personnel. The core researchers are from Tsinghua University, major of clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, drug synthesis, pharmaceutical preparations, drug analysis, etc.

(Company office building)
(The view of the science and technology industrial park we located in)
Company overview

Company overview


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Vision and mission

Beijing xinkaiyuan pharmaceutical co., ltd. will build the first risk-sharing, resource sharing and win-win benefits of new drug R&D platform in China.

Our core competence

Talents: domestic first-class and internationally leading R&D executives,practice experienced large-scale technical personnel team

Industry and finance: pharmaceutical finance serves as the capacity and the guarantee for development support and cooperative risk control
Platform: a one-stop service platform of the whole drug R&D chain with strong cohesion and efficient operation ( including partner benefit-sharing mechanism, practical and efficient operation and cooperative collaboration system)
Policy: the huge market demand brought by the national supply-side reform and the policy dividend of medical innovation and industrial upgrading (drug innovation and R&D, MAH, consistency evaluation, clinical verification, etc.)
Services and product
generic drug consistency evaluation
new category 3 generic drugs new category 4 generic drugs
category 1 innovative drugs category 2 modified new drug
biopharmaceutics   therapeutic antibody