R&D Introduction

R&D Introduction


The drug analysis room is equipped with more than 90 advanced Agilent、Waters、Shimadzu analytical equipment such as HPLC and GC, as well as complete audit tracking department, which can fully meet requirements of data authenticity, integrity, and traceability.

Drug synthesis chamber of the pilot laboratory is equipped with 50 L and 100 L glass reactors and high-low temperature circulation pump. The chamber can carry out organic chemical reactions from -100 ° C to 200 ° C with a batch production capacity of 10 kg.

The pharmaceutical preparation room has automatic tablet pressing machine, dry granulator, wet granulator, fluidized bed, 3d mixing machine, dissolution apparatus, disintegrating apparatus, freeze-drying machine and other drug preparation equipment.
R&D center introduction

The analysis center is equipped with HPLC (Waters, Agilent), GC (Agilent), ultraviolet spectrophotometer, smart dissolution tester, automatic potentiometric titration apparatus, automatic moisture meter, melting point meter, constant temperature and humidity chamber, lighting box, intelligent electric drum wind drying oven, thermostatic oscillator, automatic polarimeter and other advanced drug analysis instruments. The preparation center is equipped with wet granulator, pendular granulator, multi-dimension (3D) blender, tablet press, coating machine, universal crusher, tablet hardness tester, disintegration analyzer, sealing machine and electronic balance. The synthesis center is equipped with reaction kettle, heat collecting agitator, magnetic agitator, cooling circulating device, electric thermostatic air drier, vacuum pump, etc.